Friday, June 4, 2010

why he's acting like a weirdo??????

i hate when i have to face this problem!!!!
i hate it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this a really a great guy,but..he's not like a person who love to TALK.....
maybe he loves to talk,but not all the time..same as me..
i'm used to talk whenever i feel wanna to talk,but..he's differrent..
i don't know what is wrong with HIM..or what is wrong with ME...
maybe i'm the only one who feel like that....and maybe he's not do anything wrong...
but..i did felt something different..
he talks to my other friends,cheerfully.........but not with me....
we just talk whenever we have to talk....

please...why you are acting such like a WEIRDO???
i don't get it...
did i do something wrong???
did i ever hurt you????
did i ever speak something that might hurt you???
why i can feel something differrent?????
why i can feel that you're avoiding me?????

please...SAY SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!

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