Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the korean lovers only will do understand what i'm actually try to say....

SUJU) tell me(WONDERGIRL) that u can"t breath(GDRAGON) with me..
u won't nobody(
WONDERGIRL) except me..
u said that i am your heartbreaker(GDRAGON) and u can feel my heartbeat(2PM)..
u called me again n again(2PM) with your chocolate love(SNSD),and i said "you got the wrong number(TVXQ)"..
i still remembar that u gave me balloons(TVXQ) and u said that "i want to marry you,it's u(SUJU) in my heart..
i was like shock(BEAST) and drown into the new world(SNSD)..
i want to tell u,i'm crazy(SON DAMBI) and i hate u(2PM) that i love u..
i hold a picture of u and i say,"i'm your genie,just tell me your wish(SNSD)"...

i wrote it on my own..when i was so bored in the chemistry class today...


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